Unlock the Potential of International Franchise Expansion


Join the 12th Global Franchise Forum, presented by Franchise Pool International in cooperation with Morais Leitão. This exclusive event is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs and franchisors looking to expand their brands internationally through the power of area development, master- or multi-unit franchising.

We invited you to meet over 25 countries in one room at the Forum from October 29 to 31, 2024. To give a presentation of your Franchise brand there

The Forum is a unique blend of information gathering, networking, and professional development, providing best practices for expanding your brand internationally.

In other words, the Forum offers you a platform to meet our 12 partners representing over 25 countries.

 Our motto? “The leading forum for international expansion in Europe”

Franchise Insights

Numerous countries present excellent opportunities for the success of your franchise system, yet each market’s distinct challenges demand specialized knowledge and strategic planning. Franchise expansion is not uniform; every market has its own legal, cultural, and operational intricacies that can greatly influence your venture’s success.

Cultural insights

An experienced local consultant contributes extensive expertise and deep knowledge of the target area. They are well-versed in the geographical and economic context and profoundly understand the local culture, consumer behavior, and market trends. Such cultural insights are vital for adapting your franchise to align with local preferences, ensuring your brand’s positive reception and strategic market positioning.

Local insights 

Furthermore, an local consultant excels at spotting potential issues and warning signs that might not be immediately obvious. They are proficient in risk evaluation and management, aiding you in anticipating and addressing potential hurdles before they escalate. From overcoming bureaucratic obstacles and grasping local competition to refining your marketing approach, your consultant offers strategic advice to enhance your franchise’s market performance.

Real Partner 

Partnering with an FPI consultant means joining a network of experienced professionals committed to supporting your international expansion. We aim to provide you with the insights, tools, and assistance necessary for global flourishing.

Besides the fact that we organize this in the beautiful city of Lisbon,

these are the 5 Highlights that you can count on:

Key Highlights:

1. Industry Insights

Obtain crucial insights from industry leaders and accomplished franchisors who have significantly succeeded in global markets. This session will explore the strategies, best practices, and essential factors for efficiently managing a master franchise.

Participants will learn how to tackle the intricacies of international franchising, such as entering new markets, adapting the brand, and expanding operations beyond national boundaries. This information will equip you with the ability to make well-informed choices and strategically grow your brand worldwide.

2. Global Market Opportunities

Discover global franchise opportunities that promise profitability. Our event provides a distinctive platform for showcasing your brand to top international franchise brokers in search of master franchisees, area developers, and multi-unit operators. Uncover new markets, evaluate potential partners, and pinpoint growth prospects that resonate with your brand’s vision. The event promises to link you with pivotal figures instrumental in aiding your brand’s expansion into fresh territories, guaranteeing the realization of its international potential.

3. Global Franchise Showcase

Discover an array of international franchise brands seeking master franchisees. This showcase will feature a diverse range of industry sectors, allowing you to evaluate different business models and find the perfect fit for your expansion plans. Whether you’re looking for opportunities in retail, food and beverage, health and wellness, or other sectors, this showcase provides a comprehensive overview of potential partnerships.

Gain firsthand knowledge of what each brand offers and how they can complement your business objectives.


4. Expert Roundtable Discussions

Engage in thought-provoking roundtable discussions with seasoned professionals and industry experts. These sessions will cover crucial topics such as market entry strategies, legal frameworks, cultural adaptation, and regional operational excellence. Participants can ask questions, share experiences, and gain practical knowledge that can be directly applied to their franchise operations.

These discussions are designed to provide actionable insights and foster a collaborative learning environment.

5. Networking Events

Enjoy exclusive international networking events where you can unwind, celebrate successes, and forge connections in relaxed and friendly settings. These events are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions between franchisors, franchise consultants, and industry experts.

Whether you’re looking to solidify partnerships, exchange ideas, or build your professional network, these events offer the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your ambition for international growth.


Wednesday, 30 October: franchise brand presentations 

And an official dinner on Wednesday evening, all attendees are invited.

Thursday, 31 October: one on one meeting with franchise consultants

The one-on-one meeting with consultants from the countries you are most interested in will be held. You can immediately get a lot of information about the franchise culture in that country. 


If you would like to know more about the Forum, complete the form below or email jack.weber@tachyons.nl or call Jack on 06- 1255 1487

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