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Are you a burger lover in the Netherlands and looking for something new and exciting? Look no further than HANS IM GLÜCK, the German burger chain set to expand in Europe.

With a focus on fresh ingredients, innovative flavours and sustainable practices, HANS IM GLÜCK is the perfect choice for a delicious, guilt-free burger experience.

Founded in 2010, the chain has quickly become one of Germany’s most popular premium dinning burger chains, with more than 90 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now the company wants to expand to the Netherlands to bring its unique burger franchise to Dutch customers.

But it is not just the food that makes HANS IM GLÜCK such a great choice, it is also the atmosphere. With a bright, modern interior and friendly, welcoming staff, HANS IM GLÜCK is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. Whether looking for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner, you will feel right at home at this restaurant.

Fresh and Local

What makes HANS IM GLÜCK so special? For starters, the franchise formula is committed to using only the freshest ingredients in its burgers. All the meat comes from grass-fed, free-range cows and is cooked perfectly on a wood-fired grill. The buns are made fresh every day and the vegetables are locally sourced whenever possible.

Vegan and innovative

But it is not only the quality of the ingredients that sets HANS IM GLÜCK apart,  They offer an overall harmonious concept with outstanding, preferably regional ingredients, great variety, and unusual names. Our range of products comprises a large selection of different varieties of bread, cheese and patties, complemented by several partly vegan, table sauces like the Happy-fries-sauce, our delicious orange-mustard-sauce, a barbecue sauce and a special Hans Ketchup. A broad choice of healthy salads as well as vegetarian and vegan patties fulfil all wishes


Another important aspect of the HANS IM GLÜCK experience is sustainability. The company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by using eco-friendly packaging, reducing food waste and sourcing ingredients responsibly.

What can Dutch customers expect from a potential establishment? First and foremost, they can look forward to the same high-quality ingredients and innovative flavours that have made the chain so popular in Germany. And they will be warmly welcome in an atmospheric restaurant with unique appeal.

What can you expect?

Key Business concept

HANS IM GLÜCK offers wholehearted gastronomers with passion, experience and the will to succeed a chance to develop themselves.

This alongside a strong partner with an exceptional burger-concept. Become an independent entrepreneur, a member of the HANS IM GLÜCK family, and our special culture.

The Restaurant

The organization HANS IM GLÜCK  chooses to approach the Dutch market by first starting up restaurants itself, so that the reactions of the Dutch consumer to the restaurants and the franchise formula can be adequately measured.

The unique thing about the restaurants is the combination of atmosphere, a unique design, with the birchwood trunks, and the atmospheric layouts that give you and your friends your own place in the restaurant.

The HANS IM GLÜCK menu gives you a choice, are you vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian? Do you want a dish with a lot of protein or low in sugar? The menu is prepared for that. And immediately gives you the nutritional values of your choice in detail.



Hans im Glück focuses on cities with more than 70,000 inhabitants with a large urban character or small towns with a large catchment area.

Top gastronomic locations in city centers or neighbourhood centers are selected with good transport connections and a high pedestrian frequency.
Preference is given to clearly visible locations with preferably modern architecture, high-quality old buildings, or renovated areas.

Franchise Partners

Grow in the Netherlands with the goal

Not only to make new guests and employees happy. But also new partners. To achieve this, it needs franchisees with a lot of passion who want to offer their guests an extraordinary experience in a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant ambiance.

No matter whether you have a business lunch or want to enjoy an evening with friends for burgers and cocktails – HANS IM GLÜCK is always the place for very personal moments of well-being.

HANS IM GLÜCK  likes to start!

HANS IM GLÜCK  has had careful research done to determine the potential of their formula in the Dutch slow casual dining market. And after this research decided to order to find the first locations.

Will you start as Area Developer

The potential is great and has been carefully mapped out. An Area Developer for HANS IM GLÜCK will therefore be asked to open several locations in a period of time. This can be achieved by initially opening a number of our own branches in the agreed area.

An area developer for a franchise formula is responsible for the recruitment, development and support of franchisees within a specific geographic region.


Depending on the start that is made, different financial models can be discussed. We are happy to discuss the economic conditions in person.

Franchise Fee

Hans im Glück works with an entrance Fee.

And an.

Franchise Royalty Fee of 9.5 %

the entrance fee depends on the agreements that are made about the start of the collaboration. 



Franchise agreement

The starters agreement lasts 5 to 7 years, depending on the lease.


Hans im Glück asked Franchise Match to develop the Dutch market. We, therefore, start with the procedure at Franchise Match, where Jack Weber is happy to inform you in detail. 

contact details jack.weber@tachyons.nl – mobile 06-12551486

I would like more information

Would you like to know more about the possibilities at Hans im Glück?

Send an e-mail to:


or call: 06-12551487 (Jack Weber)

Where do you open a HANS IM GLÜCK  restaurant?

HANS IM GLÜCK  you can start at different locations.

The location where we think the best start is in a city centre. Experience shows that it must be a good visibility location, and preferably a location with a lot of traffic. In other countries, HANS IM GLÜCK  chooses to open in appealing buildings or locations.

Locations with a very unique look, because they are renovated buildings, or specifically very modern buildings.


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