“It’s a fast changing world”

We know the new success factors of franchising

Franchise & Strategy

With a franchise, the strategy chosen by the franchisor determines the success of the franchisees!

Be advised that we will confront you with the interests of the other party.  Because we make sure both parties succeed!

Franchise & Financing

Healthy financing of the franchise organization and the franchisees gives more room for growth!

We never forget the financing and have creative ways to combine financing with the engagement of Franchisees and even customers.

Starting or developing a formula

Starting or developing franchise formulas requires knowledge and, above all, a structured approach and a continuous flow of energy. We provide just that.

Formula Internationalisation

Growing by expanding your formula to The Netherlands starts with a plan.  We help compose the plan (respecting laws and regulations) and make it actionable, so you can start growing well-founded and fast.

Formule location strategy

The 4-step methodology of TachYons focuses, on the right strategy, the best entrepreneur, healthy financing, and the right location!

We can help define conditions and characteristics and scout for locations and venues.

Formula finance & ShareFunding

Sound financing for both franchisor and franchisee strengthens joint growth opportunities. ShareFunding is an interesting option for franchisees and Franchisors. Fewer creditors, more engaged parties.

Franchise Match International

Franchise Match is affiliated with “Franchise Pool International”. We have strategic partners in almost all countries in Europe. Franchise Match is the only company in the Netherlands that can introduce its customers to a network that covers all of Europe and more.

The network consists of franchise specialists who are well-known in their local market.

Want to know more about our international network? Call us at +31 85 0282 003

Social Runner & Franchise recruitment!

The same applies to every franchise formula. Finding new franchisees is a difficult task. It takes a lot of time and energy and has a limited return. We are happy to take that time and energy burden off your shoulders.

Together we define the target group along with your strategic choices made and the financial key figures. This target group definition is important for the efficiency and the results of the growth project.

With our proactive methods, we can come into one-on-one contact with candidates and entrepreneurs who fit in with the target group and the franchisee’s profile.

For a more detailed introduction to Social Runner Franchise, our other prospecting methods, and how they can benefit your Franchise call us at +31  85 0282 003

Roadmap for growth

Franchise Match works with Dutch and international franchise formulas to develop their growth in the Dutch market.

We are a full-service franchise development agency. We work with Franchisors in the development and growth of their franchise formula and the number of franchisees.

Furthermore, we, of course, prefer working together with the guidance of our effective 4-step method. Additionally, we always try to use intelligent and effective software & tooling to combine high quality with high tempo. Could you make a quality plan, and then make sure you have a high-speed execution?

1. Strategy

Is the strategy effective and sufficiently connected to the market and the changing business environment?

Do you have a good idea of the important trends for your future? Do the brand promises in your strategy still have the right value?

How did you record the OKR’s? Is the company’s distinctiveness still good enough?

2. People

Do you structurally have the best people in the correct position, doing the right things?

Will they get the results you need? Are the function profiles and objectives &  critical results precise?

Have you worked out the strategy, core processes, and responsibilities well? Are the habits in the company culture focused on the objectives?

3. Execution

Who does what? How did you organise this, what are the goals, and how (often) do you discuss those goals?

Are all responsibilities clear when it comes to achieving results?

What communication arrangements have been made? Is there a good rhythm when it comes to meetings? Do you know if feedback is part of managing? Do we discuss the successes and the points for improvement every week?

4. Finance

Do you regularly discuss the various financial cycles? Can the current sales cycles help to make the financial position of the organization better?

Do you still need the same supplies? Can you still optimize things when it comes to the payment cycle?

When you work on these different points (and they can always do 1 percent better) you can make jumps towards a better financial position!

Some of the franchisors we support (in Dutch)

Hans im Glück

Hans im Glück

HAPPINESS JUST TAKES THE ONE MOMENT.Hans im Glück Ben je een burgerliefhebber in Nederland en op zoek naar iets nieuws en spannends? Zoek niet verder dan HANS IM GLÜCK, de Duitse hamburgerketen die in Europa gaat uitbreiden. Met een focus op verse ingrediënten, innovatieve smaken en duurzame praktijken, is HANS IM GLÜCK de perfecte keuze voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een...

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2Leadership Transformation Boutique

2Leadership Transformation Boutique

We make transfor­mation happen.Together. With you. 2Leadership is een onderneming met een specifieke benadering voor het veranderen van de resultaten in ondernemingen. Het is een oorspronkelijk Zwitserse onderneming, die hun hoofdkantoor in Berlijn heeft.  De Missie van 2Leadership is: Wij helpen je om de strategie en cultuur samen te brengen zodat de medewerkers zich er...

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Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard

minder afval en minder van alles dat niet nodig isSunset Boulevard Ben je een fastfoodliefhebber in Nederland en op zoek naar iets nieuws en spannends? Zoek niet verder dan Sunset Boulevard, de Deense fastfoodketen die Europa graag verovert. Met een focus op verse ingrediënten, unieke smaken en toewijding aan kwaliteit, is Sunset Boulevard de perfecte keuze voor iedereen die...

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About Franchise Match

Franchise Match is a full-service development agency for franchise organisations.

Franchise Match is part of TachYons Nederland LLP (Dutch website). TachYons provides marketing services and tooling that give franchise formulas more possibilities to reach prospective franchisees in a professional, modern and effective way.

We provide strategic and practical support, and intelligent tooling and ensure that decisions are substantiated with data.

The Franchise Match method focuses on four primary areas.

People. The best person who keeps the correct agreements.

Strategy. Can you describe the strategy simple, and is the strategy the driving force behind sustainable growth in turnover and gross margin?

Execution. Are all processes running smoothly, and do they ensure the highest profitability?

Finance. Do you have a constant supply of liquidity, preferably generated by the company itself, to fuel the growth of your company?

With this growth formula, we help dozens of formulas at different stages: Start & develop, grow, replace and possibly even phase out.


We have been working with Jack and his colleagues for many years now.

They take a different angle ot our challenges and contastantly achieve more then any other agency we use or have used.the Dutch franchisemarket.

Ruud Morien


We have so many new Franchisees (coaches) thanks to Social Runner franchise recruitment! Franchise Match is our gift that keeps on giving.

Marjolein de Neef

IQ coaches

Finding, qualifying and support the right entrepeneurs for new locactions and successions is a challenge we meet with Franchise Match.

Paul van Essen


You take the 1st step yourself,

then we do it together!