The Rise of the Mumbo: Why Multi-Unit, Multi-Brand Franchising is Booming!

The franchising realm is abuzz with a novel category of entrepreneur known as the Mumbo. This term is not a reference to a mythical being, despite their seemingly magical success, but an acronym for Multi-Unit, Multi-Brand franchise owners. These dynamic and strategic entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the franchising world, moving past the confines of single-unit ownership and single-brand allegiance.


As international franchise consultants, we at Franchise Match have witnessed this exciting trend firsthand. Here’s why the rise of the Mumbo is a positive development for both franchisees and franchisors:

The Mumbo Advantage: Diversification is Key


Historically, owning a franchise involved dedicating efforts to one brand and establishing a prosperous outlet. However, the traditional model is evolving as entrepreneurs, referred to as Mumbos, embrace diversification. By managing franchises in various sectors, they distribute their risk and connect with diverse customer groups.


Envision a character named Mumbo who operates a successful pizza franchise and a booming fitness center. While economic downturns may affect the restaurant sector, the emphasis on health and wellness might sustain the fitness center’s growth. Such diversification provides a financial buffer and enables Mumbo to benefit from different market trends.


Beyond Food: A World of Franchise Opportunities


The franchise sector has expanded beyond the realm of fast food chains. Nowadays, a wide variety of industries present thrilling opportunities for franchising. Sectors ranging from education and childcare to home improvement and business services offer diverse possibilities for prospective franchisees.

Entrepreneurs, referred to as Mumbos, can harness their entrepreneurial spirit to identify complementary brands across various industries. For instance, a Mumbo who owns a cleaning service franchise might find a natural partnership with a property management franchise, thus creating synergy between their services. Adopting a multi-brand strategy enables Mumbos to serve a broader clientele and develop a more substantial business portfolio.

Experience Breeds Success: The Mumbo’s Operational Edge


Mumbos are not merely franchise owners; they are adept at managing them. Their expertise with one brand provides valuable insights for overseeing another. They grasp the complexities of franchise systems, including recruitment, staff training, and marketing strategies. Such operational acumen enables them to effectively oversee multiple franchises, optimizing processes and enhancing profitability.

Win-Win for Franchises: Growth and Expertise


The emergence of Mumbos is also beneficial for franchisors. With their established success and varied portfolios, Mumbos make appealing franchise partners, offering considerable expertise and dedication to brand expansion.


Franchisors gain from accelerated network growth as Mumbos launch multiple units across various brands. Moreover, Mumbos’ operational expertise guarantees consistent branding and the success of franchise locations.


Becoming a Thriving Mumbo: Tips for Success


Are you considering joining the Mumbo movement? Here are some strategies for a seamless and prosperous path:

Strategic Selection: Avoid following trends blindly. Opt for franchises that ignite your passion and offer mutual enhancement. Assess the market’s demand and potential for growth before making investments.

Experience Matters: Utilize your existing franchising knowledge. Comprehending the fundamental operational concepts will facilitate efficient management across various brands.

Build Your Team: As your portfolio expands, assemble a robust team to manage your multi-brand operations. Assign responsibilities and encourage your team to develop their own expertise in franchising.

Embrace Continuous Learning: The franchising field is ever-evolving. Keep abreast of industry trends, best practices, and technological advancements to refine your Mumbo strategy.

The Future is Multi-Branded, Multi-Unit, and a cross of industry’s 


The emergence of the Mumbo represents a significant change in entrepreneurial franchising strategies. Through diversification, mastery of operations, and careful brand selection, Mumbos are establishing strong and prosperous businesses poised for a promising future.


As your dedicated franchise consultants, we at Franchise Match are excited to guide you on your Mumbo journey. Whether you are an experienced franchise owner or an emerging entrepreneur, the realm of multi-unit, multi-brand ownership presents thrilling opportunities. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, delve into the varied franchise terrain, and emerge as the next triumphant Mumbo!

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